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Product Information
Double Brown Color Contact Lens (Pair)

Double Brown Color Contact Lens (Pair)

$26.99  $22.99
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By Melody Ellington on September 04, 2010
My second Favorite Brown Lens. This lens is like a dark tree bark color. Very Subtle on my Dark Brown eyes, more noticeable in the Sunlight. They have a dark Limbal ring and dark lines through the brown color giving the lens a 2 Tone look. I still prefer the 1 Tone Brown over these if you want a Brown color that is more noticeable but not striking like the 3 Tone Brown (which I find way too striking, and kind of scary looking on myself). The 2 Tone Brown is also not as comfortable on my eyes like the 1 tone Brown and I constantly feel like I need to scratch my eyes when wearing them.
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