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Okay product
By Mandy Cruz on November 22, 2014
I personally didn't really like the actual color, because compared to ones I have previously had (the prescription type) I feel that the ones purchased through you guys aren't natural looking at all. You can totally tell that they are fake. Both my kids and other people could tell right away that they were fake and didn't look natural (and this was with me not telling them that I had them in or even telling them that I had ordered them). I spent a good amount of time on the website too before purchasing a pair for that reason. I was trying to find ones that looked as natural as possible. I ended up going ahead and purchasing them because one, they were very feasible and was willing to try them to see if maybe when they finally arrived and I put them in that they would perhaps in fact look different or natural on. It was worth a try to me. However yes, I was a little disappointed that it didn't end up being the case. But, this is entirely just my opinion. I'm sure many other people are fine with the way they look on. I just wished that they could be more natural looking. As far as the fit, they did fit perfectly in size and are very comfortable when in. Others I have tried in the past weren't always comfortable and irritated my eyes and blurred my sight a little. These didn't do that at all. And the price was fabulous! My only issue was just that I wish they looked more natural on.
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